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We love growing fruit trees, and there are many varieties of fruit trees that grow well in our area. Growing your own fresh fruit is very rewarding and the fruit is always better tasting than what you buy in the store. Maybe the hardest thing about growing your own fruit is deciding what you want to grow from all of the choices you have. Below are some things you may want to consider when deciding on what fruit trees to plant in your yard.

To see what varieties of fruits that are available as well as learning how to grow and maintain your fruit trees in your garden and in containers, simply select one of the options above in the Fruit Tree dropdown menu or click on one of the links below.

What fruits do you like to eat?
This is probably one of the most important questions. It's not worth planting something that you rarely eat. For example, if you only use two or three lemons in a year, you may consider buying the few lemons you use at the store and not waste valuable garden space for a lemon tree unless you plan on supplying the neighborhood. Consider the fruits you like the most when making a decision.
How much space do you have?
Or maybe the better question would be to ask how much space are you willing to dedicate for your edible garden. Fruit trees can be pruned to stay smaller and ornamental shrubs and trees can be removed to make space for your favorite fruits. Following the Backyard Orchard Culture philosophy, you can plant multiple trees in the same hole to maximize the types of fruit trees in the smallest amount of space.
When do you want to harvest your fruit?
This is an important question to consider. For example, if you are always gone in July on vacation, you'll want to plant varieties with earlier or later harvest dates so that you can enjoy what you plant instead of letting your neighbors harvest all of your fruit. Also, if you like a certain fruit a whole lot, you may consider planting a couple of varieties that ripen at different times so you can have your favorite fruit over a longer period.
How much time are you willing to invest in growing fruit trees?
All fruit trees require some maintenance for best performance. So, you will want to consider how much time you are willing to spend pruning, fertilizing, and maintaining your trees. While there is some time requirements, the benefit of eating freshly grown fruit can outweigh any of the time spent to help your fruit trees thrive.