Besides their nutritional benefits, strawberries are a great treat and even taste better when freshly picked from the garden. Strawberries are fairly easy to grow and last for several years in the garden.

Below are some things to consider when planting strawberries in your yard. Also, you will find descriptions of many of the strawberries we carry throughout the year.

Where to Plant Strawberries

Strawberries like a sunny location. The more sun the better. They also like well drained soil. Often strawberries are planted in raised rows, but also do well in containers or small beds.

When to Plant Strawberries

Strawberries can be planted most times of the year. Bareroot strawberries are available beginning in the fall through the late winter months. Strawberries in 6pack containers are available year round. Certain varieties are only available as bareroot plants in the winter months.

Things to Consider

It is important to prepare the soil well since strawberries remain in the ground for several years. They need good drainage and prefer a slightly acidic soil. When growing strawberries, trim the runners off so that the main plant can grow and also keep the strawberry beds from getting overcrowded. When planting in rows, space the strawberries 10 to 14 inches apart.

June Bearing vs. Everbearing

Strawberries are classified into two main categories: June Bearing and Everbearing. The June-Bearing varieties typically begin producing in the late spring once the weather warms up and continue until late June. These varieties give higher yields in a shorter period of time which is great if you are freezing the strawberries or making jams and jellies. The Everbearing varieties produce over a longer period of time and continue producing fruit until the weather gets too hot or too cold. They begin producing in late spring and continue producing into the fall. Crops are smaller but give for a longer time. These varieties are great especially if you just want to pick fresh strawberries to eat and are not interested in making jams, jellies, or preserving large quantities of strawberries.

Below are descriptions of some of the strawberries we carry.


Everbearing variety. Albion is a release from UC Davis. Fruit is long, conical, symmetrical; firm and crisp with excellent flavor. A great berry for preservation, processing, and storage. A great strawberry plant for use in a hanging basket.

June Bearing variety. Camarosa has huge, conical berries over a long season. Berries are of show quality and good flavor. Adapted for California.

Chandler Strawberry

June Bearing variety. Chandler produces large, juicy berries over a long period. Excellent flavor and good texture. Good dessert and freezing quality. A long time favorite in California.

Everbearing variety. Perfect for patio gardens. This everbearing plant produces sweet, long, cone-shaped strawberries in its very first year! It will continue producing, even when temperatures exceed 80ºF. Ripens each summer and continues to fruit into fall.

Everbearing variety. Monterey strawberry is a moderate day-neutral cultivar from California. It has great flavor, like Seascape, while more tolerant to high summer temperatures.

Everbearing variety. Produces large, attractive berries that are tasty. Fruit is too soft for fruit stands but good for home gardens.

Everbearing Variety. Seascape produces large berries that are very good for eating fresh, for jam, and for freezing. Great for California.

Sequoia Strawberry

June Bearing variety. This is one of the tastiest strawberries. It bears for many months and in California almost acts like an everbearing variety since it produces for so many months.

Sweet Charlie
June Bearing variety. Just as the name implies, the Sweet Charlie Strawberry berries are sweet and produce large, firm berries.

Tri Star
Everbearing variety. Tri Star porduces large berries with excellent flavor. Also bears well the first year.